Almost over

My spring break is almost over and I didn’t get a lot of the things on my list done. I have been doing a lot of driving people all over the place so I haven’t had much time for my fun jobs. I did get a couple of truckloads of wood chips to spread around my back yard and did get most of them spread and we did have one backyard campfire with marshmellows. Today I took the MG out to get some pictures for my “Moss Motoring Challenge” I took a drive up the mountain to the ski hill to get the picture I needed of the car at a ski hill with snow here is the result.

DSCF4290 The first thing I did on my spring break was to get new tires on the car and they worked great on the gravel and snow. Part of the challenge was to find a sign that said “Duck Crossing’ I haven’t found it yet but during my search I found these two that I thought should count for something

DSCF4294 DSCF4298

While I was out finding interesting road signs I came across 3 very interesting signs I will let you make up your own story to go with them.



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