We are Winter

This was not the plan. Someone created the slogan for the Canadian Olympic teams “we are winter”.  Ok the Olympics are over can we go back to spring now? I don’t want to be winter I want to be warm. I want to see the grass or even dirt, not mud and slush and snow. Last week I took my car out and actually drove it around to take a couple of pictures for the” Moss Motoring challenge” and I planned to go out again today to take some more. No way! there is a ton of snow out there overnight and it is still coming down. The Dog on the other hand likes the snow and demanded to be taken out for a walk and a play in the snow. I tried to take a picture of him playing in the snow at the park but the camera on my phone didn’t work very well with the snow coming down and blowing but I did manage one of my car covered in snow.

IMGP5356  20140223_095559


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One Response to We are Winter

  1. vinoinlove says:

    Wow so much snow! In Germany the winter has been very mild (fortunately!) so no snow here 🙂
    I hope you’ll get better weather soon!

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