Back again

The past couple of weeks have been really busy. We have all been involved with the production of “Les Miserabels” , the show is finished now and we are slowly returning to our regular routine. It was an absolutely fantastic production. Saige was in the role of Cosette (she was great) Deb was in charge of all props and backstage and I was one of her helpers so we were all at weeks of rehearsals and then the show. Deb and Saige have done a number of shows but it was the first one for me. The fire Dept. has been quiet so it is hard to keep the guys happy, they like to be busy. We will be hosting the spring training seminar again this year and expect about 400 firefighters to attend we already have 20 training sessions planned and there may be more by the time it is ready to go. last Thursday the guys made a video advertising the registration they had fun in our new burn building .

We hadn’t had snow for almost the whole month of January until last week then we got two days of snow and now the temperature has dropped below freezing. I thought we might get away with a warm winter. It depends on who you talk to, some say it is going to warm up and stay warm some think February is going to be cold I am going  for warm. One of the people Deb works with in the Vineyard makes her own wine and gave  us a case it is really good I think she starts with some premium grapes from her vineyard which is always the best place to start . We have been drinking some Merlot that I think she calls fire retardant red  anyway it is really good and makes we want to give a try at wine making I will have to talk some of our friends into letting me help them so I can learn how to do it. I got the book “The time keeper ” for Christmas and finally read it this week , different but interesting. I have been off reading since summer which is unusual for me so maybe I can get started again and read some books for pleasure instead of trying to learn something.

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