Middle of the month

Random thoughts. It is the middle of January and I really haven’t accomplished very much. The weather has actually been very good and we set a record high temperature the other day but it didn’t motivate me to do anything out of my regular routine. I try to get out for a walk with the dog almost every day. I just came back from walking him we were gone about an hour. It was quite nice out but a bit cool, when it is cold it is not too much fun.( cold is anything -c) As it is I usually walk to work so I do get my 4K every day. I have been trying to think of the right tree to put in the front yard we have 2 really nice maples but there is a big space in the middle of the yard and I think another tree would look good there I am thinking that a magnolia tree might fit in the space and give just the right amount of privacy. I am making my list of projects for the spring and summer and trees are at the top of the list. I have to plant a hedge in the back yard and will probably put a fence across the back as well. We have fences on the sides so that would close the back in so the dog can run loose in the yard. The only thing I can think of planting in the back is Cedars which I don’t really like because they take so much water but they seem to make a good privacy hedge and grow fast, that also means I have to put in some more irrigation.

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