fantastic January

Here it is almost the middle of the month and it actually feels like spring. Yesterday the temperature got up to +14c, there were places nearby that got even warmer. Today was not quite so good it only got up to + 8 so it was a great day to take the dog for a long walk which is exactly what happened. We went north along the river dike where they have been doing some work to help with the salmon spawning runs. the path is really nice and it is going to an even more enjoyable walk when the leaves come out on the trees. I have been wanting another tree in the front yard to fill in a space between the two maple trees we have and I saw a magnolia tree and thought one of those might fit in the space and also give some spring colour. Last Saturday the Fire Dept. had our annual awards night it turned out to be a good time then Sunday it was up to Penticton for rehearsals for Les Miserables, it is going to be a fantastic show. Drinking some good merlot from Jackson Triggs. (got a deal on a case) I have been studying  a sommelier course they don’t even realise that BC makes wine, the fact is we make some really great wine. There are a lot of silly laws about exporting wine so the rest of the world misses out on some really great wines that we take for granted too bad for them lucky me.  

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