New year new start

|Well here it is the third day of the new year and all I have been doing is sitting around relaxing. So far this year all three days, I have taken the dog out for a nice long walks. Last night (early this morning) the new fire season started with a trailer fire.


While we were busy with that we got another call to a restaurant in the shopping mall on fire. Since I was the officer on the second truck at the first fire I left with my crew to attend to the second fire. The damage at the first fire was extensive ( nothing left) at the second we were very lucky, they had sprinklers which contained the fire and kept it from spreading, the downside of that is that there was lots of water damage from the sprinklers. It takes a while to get them shut down and they pour out a lot of water. I tried to sleep-in this morning to make up for no sleep over night but it didn’t work so I will try to go to bed early tonight.   I go back to driving the school bus on Monday I have mixed feelings about it, happy to have a reason to get up in the morning, looking forward to seeing all the kids, like the paycheques, not looking forward to the stress, and sometimes I just like to sleep in. Obviously I am not going to promise to post every day but I will try to post as often as I have something to share. We planned to have some special sparkling wine  for new years but we went to bed before it was time to celebrate so we still have the bottle in the fridge, maybe this weekend.

looking forward to a really great year!

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