December adventures

Last weekend I drove down to Abbotsford for my youngest sons wedding. I took Keven and Ashley down with me. We all had a great time at Darin and Gaby’s wedding and it was fun to spend some time with my boys. We missed those who weren’t able to be there but had a good time anyway. IMGP5263  Don’t we look great.

Last week I had an unfortunate thing happen, my laptop computer stopped working. Actually what happened is the screen stopped working the computer was still running but you couldn’t see what was happening. I bit the bullet and got a new computer. I have someone putting everything from the old computer  on a portable drive so I can load it to this one. in the meantime I am missing a lot of my stuff including all my contacts from my mail so unless you send me an email I won’t be sending you any mail until I get my new computer updated with my old info. Apparently my dog was mad that I went away for the weekend so he peed on my bed. We are not happy with his decision. Anyone interested in a dog ?

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One Response to December adventures

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a happy Irish hit squad……..Your dog is stressed and my need treatment he can come and help me dig out my expensive, faulty tent garage that is going back on warranty…rock on Bro

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