Happy December

This is always a happy month for me and this year it will be even busier with my youngest son getting married in just 2 weeks. That will mean a winter road trip that we are not looking forward to (the road trip part) We are looking forward to the wedding. I haven’t posted much in the last few months because there have been a lot of things going on that I don’t want to post about. Some people like to post about everything that happens in their lives and all that happens to them I however am very selective about what I post. There have been lots of things going on but sometimes it just seems that it is all day-to-day life that is not very interesting to anyone but my immediate family and most of them are already in the loop. I am going to try to post more before the end of the year.  Our Fire Dept has had our usual number of calls at all times of day and night but there are not any I want to post about. The thing about the fire department is that we are usually called to help people at their worst moment and they need privacy mor than anything else and some things are just confidential. We have been having some great training lately and last week we trained on how to rescue people trapped in a car/bus crash.  The start of our  practice


and at the end

090  don’t panic we have it under control  067

Deb has been working at several vineyards getting ready for next year and checking how the plants grew in the past year. She starts early and this is what she sees some mornings

094 setting out temperature probes around the outside of the vineyard


a horse named Texas 035


On November 29 the town had our Christmas light up and the Fire Dept. had our old truck decorated for the event . We gave Santa a ride and then went to the town park for fireworks .santa-truck22 stay tuned for the adventures of Santa and his Elf

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One Response to Happy December

  1. Sure admire the work you do as a fire fighter. And what a beautiful photo of Deb’s view of sunrise on her vineyard work. Congratulations on the wedding of your youngest. Still loving the blog! God has really blessed you and your family. 🙂

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