New month New post

Last month ended with a rush of activities. The fire dept has been busy preparing for our annual fund-raising event (more about that later). My wine work is totally finished for the year so time to move on . Of course the big event of the month was Halloween and the reappearance of “the Witch” this years addition:025  Notice the Witch has a glass of wine so not a totally bad Witch.  My kids all like Halloween and some came over to see the witch and get candy . we love to dress up. there was one great comment by one of the grand kids, “uncle Keven you spoiled Halloween ” What? ” you dressed up as Santa and everyone said there’s Santa and no one even noticed I was the Hulk” . even the newest additions to the family, Ashley and Noah got into the spirit of it and dressed up, Rob has been working out so he would fit his costume .  019 Saige was dressed up as “Minnie Mouse”, sorry no picture. In al this activity I started to get a sore throat and it has continued to get worse and today I can hardly talk. Deb is happy “he’s finally shut up”. Last night was the Fire Dept. fund-raiser “the Fire Ball” what a great party, one of the best in several years. The format is like this: we sell 150 tickets for $150 each, for that a couple gets to come to the party where the night starts with the firemen putting on a skit making fun of local events. then there is a fabulous dinner put on by our wives who of course did a great job. Salads ,roast beef , mashed potatoes,yorkshire puddings with gravy and lots of home-made desserts. next comes the dance with a great DJ ,this year was a 50s/60s theme so lots of music I could dance to (I can dance to anything just ask anyone who has seen me at a party) quite a few of the girls dressed up in 50s outfits and the firemen al dressed in rolled up jeans and t-shirts quite a change from our usual dress uniforms. wives-and firemen

The final part of the event takes place throughout the evening and that is the raffle that you paid all that money for. The first ticket drawn out wins a TV then every 25th ticket drawn wins a prize with a value of around $200 each, the final ticket drawn winning $10,000. unfortunately as in the past 15 years I did not win any prize. we also have a cash bar that brings us a fair amount of revenue and of course we supply free rides home to anyone who wants one so we don’t get calls to car crashes. This year we had a big increase in the number of rides requested so our team of drivers was kept busy. I finally got home at 2 this morning, Deb had to be in Penticton by 8 for the play rehearsals for Les Mis so not a lot of sleep time. Cassie was home this weekend to show off her brand new car we are really happy for her. time for a nap

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