I’m still here

Back at the beginning of the year I had a goal of posting every day. It didn’t take long before I found that I really didn’t have enough happening in my life to really post every day. this past summer I got really busy with work and my posting got even less frequent. There have been a lot of things going on in my life this fall that I don’t want to post about but I am still busy with lots of fun things. I am busy with the fire dept. and there are a variety of things I do I the community: reading for literacy day, literacy-day fire safety with the cubs  scout-fire-two22

Occasionally I get to go out and enjoy the outdoors


My work at the winery is finished for the season but I am studying the sommelier course not to get another certificate but just for my own enjoyment and to do a better job of describing the wines I serve. The thing is that I usually only drink or serve wine from the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia so a lot of the course is about wine from other places and I am not likely to be drinking them but it is interesting. I didn’t buy as much wine this summer as I had intended so by spring my cellar will be getting cleaned out, I will be using up all the things  have been putting off drinking. Usually I stock up during the spring and fall wine release festivals but I was so busy with things this year I got behind and may have to go to a wine store if I run low. I prefer to buy directly from the wineries.

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