Happy day

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great day! Earlier in the week (Saturday) 3 of my boys took me out for a birthday dinner we had good food and some good stories and laughs. Sunday Deb and I went out for dinner, we used a gift certificate I was given at the end of the last school year in June. Yesterday I drove the kindergarten kids out to the vineyard to pick some grapes. This is an annual adventure that the kids really enjoy. I picked some grapes to bring home these were table grapes and were really tasty and juicy. Last night I went to fire training practice we were practicing hooking up to hydrants and pumping. Half way through the practice they called us back to the fire hall for a special meeting. I was a little upset that we didn’t get finished and wondered what was so important. It turned out to be a surprise party for me and it really was a surprise. Deb was there and some of the grand kids they had a cake and some drinks for everyone. The Fire dept is a very special part of my life so it was special that we had a party with my firefighter friends. last week my son Keven joined the fire Dept and started his 8 week trial period before he is officially part of the Dept. Now I have 2 of my sons in the same fire dept.

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  1. Forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!

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