You never know

I had an interesting day today after a sad day yesterday. So we will start with yesterday. As you know I am deputy fire chief and my duty yesterday was to go to a funeral of an 8 year old child who died in a fire we went to ,we tried our best and rescued him but he succumbed to the smoke inhalation and burns he received . The funeral was not the kind of thing I look forward to but it is sometimes  necessary for us to attend these for the sake of the family. And so on to today . I had to drive the native school bus for a field trip, we were going to a celebration of the return of the salmon ( good chance to eat salmon) . When we arrived at the campground which had been totally reserved for the weekend of celebrations there was an older couple getting packed up to leave. the man started to have some problems , he had a heart condition and it was causing him trouble , we asked if there was anything we could do to help and they asked it I could drive them to the hospital. I drove them to the hospital but they were unable to get in touch with their family to come to the campground and pick up their trailer so I went back to the campground and got their truck and hooked up their 5th wheel trailer ( I have never hooked one up by myself) then I drove their truck and trailer to their home and had some one else come and take me back to the camp ground. I hope the man is ok , he was a nice guy and just handed the keys to his truck and trailer over to someone he had never seen before he was just happy to have someone take control of his life for a few minutes. It was a good feeling to help someone, perhaps someday someone will help me when I need some help.  After all that it was back to the salmon celebration. some of the people had made a fish trap and we put it in the river, they said this was the first time they had used this kind of trap in 100 years. Everyone was very excited to see the trap in the water and when they finally caught a fish in the trap everyone was even more excited it was a great start to the weekend of celebration. I am going to try to get back for some more of the celebration this weekend. Tonight we are comparing Merlot from Red Rooster and Jackson Triggs, Red rooster is winning.

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2 Responses to You never know

  1. Anonymous says:

    soon Oliver OFD Officers are going to be putting the Superheros out of business!! they are everywhere !!

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