hiccups are seldom fatal

I have had a few hiccups in life lately. Last thursday my internet modem quit working I called the internet provider (telus) and finally got someone to talk to, a very helpful young lady who got it working for a couple of hours then it stopped. They said that they would send out a new modem and it arrived on Tuesday. We all have cell phones that have internet connections but it uses up a lot of our service to be on 4G plus the screen is a lot smaller than my laptop. That was the first hiccup and we somehow survived. Our second hiccup happened on Sunday, both Deb and I had the day off so we decided that we would take the Motorhome for a trip to Costco. So far so good. We had a great trip and filled the motorhome with stuff from the store. We took Rex the dog with us for his first real trip and he enjoyed going for a ride. On our way home the motorhome overheated and there was a cloud of steam coming out of the engine area. We were able to find a nice spot to pull over and check out what was the problem. I thought it was a leaking Rad hose and since it was 6pm sunday night there was no way I was getting a part or getting it fixed so we called our emergency service. The emergency service called a tow truck for us so we just sat back and tried to relax and wait. we were very fortunate that they would tow us back to Oliver to a repair shop  it was about 75k, unfortunately the tow truck could only carry 1 passenger so we arranged a ride home for Deb and Rex and I waited for the truck. On monday I went down to the shop where I was going to do the work myself. The first step was to reconnect the driveshaft which had to be disconnected to tow it. After I filled the radiator with water I could see it was leaking out onto the top of the engine but I was able to drive the short distance home where I would be easier to work, this is where I started the real repair.Time to go back to work driving the school bus. Before I could get to the radiator hose I had to take the air filter and associated hoses off, this was not as easy as it might sound especially if you have never done it before. Since I had the hose off I figured I may as well replace the thermostat. I couldn’t see why the hose was leaking but wanted to replace it because no matter how I tried to tighten the clamps it still leaked. Of course the hose was no longer available and I had to use a flexible one instead. Before I could get any more work done I had to take Saige up to Penticton for her music lessons then back to drive my bus. the good part was that when we went back to pick her up that evening we stopped at our favorite burger place for burger treats. Take a break from mechanical work and replace the new modem that just arrived then back to bus driving I got everything back together only to discover water still coming out of somewhere, time to get out the flashlight and mirror. that is how I discovered the real culprit a 4 inch long heater hose that had a small crack and was pissing  spitting water onto the rad hose. I finally got that replaced and the thermostat replaced for the second time (the first time I ripped the gasket and it leaked too) one of the bolts for the housing is almost under the distributor and you have to stand on your head and use a wrench (socket and ratchet won’t fit) then I had to replace the air filter and all the hoses that connect it to the engine. I can only work on this project a couple of hours then I have to go to work. I am not the most efficient mechanic ( I have scrapes and cuts all over my hands and arms) but the job is finally complete and I went on a road test to see how it was and surprise, everything worked the way it was supposed to. At the time it was somewhat frustrating but now that the work is finished it doesn’t seem as bad as it first appeared. Just another hiccup and life goes on. Last week I couldn’t spell Mechanic now I is one.  To help keep us gong we have been enjoying a variety of Pinot Noir from Riverstone, Fairview cellars, and 2 different ones from Inniskillin one reserve and one Dark horse single vineyard.

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