Another busy week

Mondays are usually my day off and I seldom have any paid work to do but there are always jobs around the house to fill my time. last Wednesday I had a short bus trip to pick up some Mexican workers from the airport and take them to the farm they are going to be working at I also had to take my regular bus in for its regular service. On Thursday and Friday I had my regular Kids sun fun bus trips to the water parks and to the desert culture center so both those days were long and tiring.Saturday and Sunday I was back at the Riverstone winery for the full day of serving wine . The days at the winery are long but I often get fun and interesting visitors. There are a lot of people who come in who are really interested in knowing about the wine and the winery and then there are those who just want to sample as many wines as they can and as quickly as they can and then move on to the next winery. It is fun to try to guess who will be buyers and who will be tasters. A few times in the last few shifts I have been really quite busy, I usually am working alone at the tasting bar and have had 3 or 4 groups tasting all at the same time. We serve up to 10 different wines and when I have that many groups and they are all trying something different it can be hectic trying to give each group some personal attention. When I can I try to slow the first group and speed up the second so they are all at the same place and I can give more detail on the wine I am serving and tell a little about what we do, sometimes it just doesn’t work and I have to switch back and forth and try to remember what I have served to who, all in a days fun. After serving everyone wine all day when I get home I just want to have a glass of my own and sit and unwind. On Saturday Deb got to work in a winery, usually she is working out in the vineyard making sure the plants are healthy and riding her quad around, but our friends the Farreiras were going away for the day and needed someone to work in their wine shop and asked Deb to give it a try, she had so much fun on Saturday that she went back on Sunday just to hang out and visit with some of the visitors. She wants to start doing Vineyard tours that would end at the winery, after looking at the grapes growing you get to sample the wine they are made into. Deb really knows a lot about the vineyard and loves to tell people how the grapes grow and about pruning and all the steps that lead to harvest. We think it will work into a great addition to the winery, she has already taken a reservation for next year.        

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