Review of the week

Last weekend I worked at Riverstone winery. It is always interesting to meet all the different people who come into the winery. On Sunday I left work early so I could go to a special event for the Fire dept. Every year we do something special for our wives and this year we went golfing. The majority of us are not golfers but we had lots of fun. We were in teams of 4 and all had carts to drive around in. I think that some of the golf club members were not impressed with our behaviour, I am sure they never have as much fun as we did. At the end of our game which was only 9 holes we all went to the restaurant at the golf club. On Wed. Cassie and I went for a wine tour. Before we started the tour we went down th the US so I could try out my new Irish passport. It turns out it is cheaper for Canadians to go to the US  than it is for the Irish they have to pay $6 for a visa. fortunately they saw that I usually use my Canadian passport so they let me in for no charge. then on to the wine tour,we started with a visit to the “Young& Wyse” winery where we tasted all the wines they had Cassie purchased a couple of bottles I restrained myself. Our next stop was at the “La Stella” winery. We were really fortunate to have the assistant winemaker serve us and we got the full treatment (we always tell them we are in the industry and where we work) so we get special treatment. At  la Stella we tried all their whites and reds including a $60 and $100 Merlot the $60 one was soooo good Cassie had to buy one. Our next stop was at “Road 13” winery where we went to their “back room” for a full tasting of over a dozen wines we also had a really great appetizer plate I picked up a bottle of Chardonnay. Our next stop was at a winery called “Rustico” that has a western theme we passed on their wine then on to a brand new winery that only opened their tasting room this month it is called “Intersection”Cassie picked up a bottle here. The final stop of the day was at “Platinum bench where we bought some home-made bread and for some strange reason I bought a bottle of Gamay noir that is served chilled, when I got home and tried it again I  wondered how much I had had to drink before I bought it. Normally when I am on a wine tasting tour I spit out the wine after tasting rather than swallowing it I guess some got swallowed. We had wanted to go a couple of more wineries but felt we had done enough for one day. We hadn’t been home very long when I got a fire call to one of the wineries we had wanted to visit, it turned out to be an air conditioning unit over heating, so I got to visit the winery anyway sorry I didn’t get to taste while I was there. Now I am looking forward to a tour of a couple of the better ones with Deb, that will be real fun almost as much fun as the 3 of us going but then we would definitely need a driver.

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  1. What region were all these wineries?

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