Almost back to normal

Whatever normal is for me I am almost back there . The summer weather is great with over 30 everyday. The only bad thing about the great weather is that people are going to the beach instead of coming to the wine shop, they should come to the winery and get some good summer wine and then go to the beach. I think maybe it has something to do with the silly law about not drinking alcohol in public and also a lot of Alberta people are staying home trying to dry out from their floods. My 2 youngest sons have decided that this is the year they are getting married one in October and one in December so it is going to be a busy time. We are happy for them both, now we will be able to give them some of the mementoes from their childhood that we have been keeping till they settled down. Of course that isn’t the only reason we are happy for them, it is great to see them enter a new phase of life. I have been trying to drink more white wine instead of red this summer. It seems that I have quite a collection of white wine that is not going to keep for ever so I have decided that even though I prefer red I am going to use up as much of the white as I can although last night there were 3 bottles of red and one white open. Wines this week: Trebbiano from Hester creek, Pinot Gris from Quinta Ferreira, 2 Viognier one from Church & State the other from Desert Hills, Cabernet Franc from Church& State, “C2″ Cabernet blend from Fairview Cellars, Cabernet Sauvignon from Inniskillin, Petit Verdot from Inniskillin, Meritage blend from Quinta Ferreira and a Shiraz Viognier blend from See Ya Later Ranch. It seems like a lot but they were not all opened or finished this week, they are just the wines that are on the go. We  like to have several open so we have a choice of what we want to drink and some things go better with different foods it is also handy if visitors drop by. We picked up a case of 2010″Sun Rock” Shiraz last weekend it is going to be saved till winter maybe even next year. they are almost ready to release the 2011 we barrel tasted it on the weekend and I think it is going to be pretty good as well.  All the wines we have are from local wineries. Since we live in “Oliver the Wine capital of Canada” we try to support the wineries we work at as well as the wineries of our friends in the area. It is a small community and we get to know most of the people in the industry especially those involved with the small private wineries so whenever there is a wine event we see the same people enjoying each others wines.

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