it’s been a busy week

Thursday was our weekly fire practice and one of the crews had to do a refresher on swift water rescue. The river that runs through the middle of town is at an all time high and the boys had a hard time staying at the point on the river where they were supposed to be without being swept too far downstream so it was a good learning time fortunately I haw not required to be in the river. I was certified as a swift water technician last year but it is not my favorite thing to do ,my son Rob however loves it and spent a lot of time in the river on thursday rescuing and being rescued. Friday evening our youngest daughter Saige had a Dance recital and got an award for Ballet. On Saturday I worked all day at Riverstone Winery and Deb took Saige to play the piano for a special event at Quinta Ferreira Winery. The Town was honoring our Local politician who just retired as speaker of the house for the province. Saturday night Deb and I went out to dinner at the restaurant at Hester Creek winery. Sunday I was back at Riverstone and Deb took Saige to Penticton where she had a solo concert to help with her expenses for her trip to Halifax for the national competition where she is the representative for BC.  By the end of the weekend we were tired out and wanting to get back to work for some rest however I had a bus trip that started at 7:30 and finished at 4:00 and driving that long is not all that restful Deb got to be out in the rain for most of the day so neither one of us had much energy by the end of the day . I did manage to take the Dog for a 40 minute walk after I had been home for a rest for a while. He doesn’t understand the concept of us being tired ,when he wants to go for a walk then somebody is going for a walk. I may have to start getting up earlier, oh no, this is my last week of driving the bus, thursday is the last day so after that I will get up at my regular time and take him for a walk and still have the morning to do what needs to be done. this weeks wine  Malbec, Cab Franc, Cab Sauv, Pinot Gris,

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