June 17

A lot has taken place since my last post .the big thing is that my next door neighbour pulled out all of his hedge so now there is nothing shielding us from the rest of the street, very unprivate, not like it used to be . The next thing on the list will be planting a hedge wish it could start at 6 ft. high.  I have been working at getting the container garden done and it is almost finished , we have 12 half barrels with plants in them they all have drip irrigation with a timer so they get watered without me being there with a hose.


Last weekend was fathers day and I had my 2 youngers boys come over for a visit on Fri. night we sat out side and had a fire in the fireplace. an update on my boys , both of the 2 youngest are now engaged ,in a relationship turned to engagement for one very quickly ,one wedding planned for Dec. the other is not planned for a while. The other big news is that we got a dog,not just any dog but a very special dog , it would have to be for me to have him. His name is Rex (but may get changed) he is a 4 year old Akbush , Turkish sheep/guard dog. Look it up. 


002he is very well trained and loves to go for walks or runs or run with a bike. He has only been with us a few days and has fit in very well. Someone here said they thought it would be good for me to have as a companion and friend to do things with(I thought that was why I got married silly me) anyway he is good company so far and a reason for my to go for walks.

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1 Response to June 17

  1. Charlotte Boychuk says:

    Grow hops as a hedge – then you can make homemade beer as well as wine 🙂

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