Long weekend is over

The weekend events started on Friday. The fire dept. did a demo for some school kids. we dropped a car 90 ft. to show what happens in an 80 kph  crash  we then extricated our rescue dummy out of the car.

After that exciting event the rest of the day was just the usual until my son Dale and Elaine came up for the weekend. We sat outside on the deck and  had a fire in the fire pit and drank a variety of wines till it was time to go to bed. Saturday I was working at Riverstone winery all day and Deb was working in the vineyard we both got off about the same time then home to sample more wine and another son ,Keven, came over with his girlfriend. Sunday I worked at the winery the visitors toured around  and Deb supervised we had a BBQ and later had another fire in the firepit with smores. Monday deb was back to work But I had the day off to give a guided tour. It doesn’t sound like much but it was a fun weekend, busy but with time for some good visits. Sunday night we tried a variety of wines (again) and ended the evening with a bottle of Champaign and a big bowl of strawberries. We tried too many wines to list and each was different but there was a case of empty bottles to take away Monday afternoon. Good times with the family

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