Wine working weekend

This weekend I started back to work at the wineries.  This season I am working at two different wineries . On Saturday I started work at Quinta Ferreira and on Sunday I was at Riverstone. I was serving wine and telling customers all about the wines. I really enjoy serving wine at the tasting bar and talking to customers explaining things about the wines. I enjoy wine I think I know a little about wine and I also enjoy sharing my love of wine with people who come to the wineries. I find that the wines I like I can talk about and the wineries I am working at this year are ones that produce wines I enjoy drinking so it is fun to talk to people about the wine. On Sunday night we were back at the Ferreira’s for a family evening ,we are almost family, we had a great evening. Tuesday was baseball for the fire hall team and tonight we have a double-header so I can only have a couple of glasses of wine before the game. On Tuesday after the game we had some friends over and had a variety of wines ” desert hills Sauv. Blanc, See ya later Pinot Gris , N’kmip Meritage. Tonight since it is almost 30 degrees we are having Stoneboat rose called Faux Pas, that Deb picked up on the way home from work, good choice babe. Now off to baseball, wish me luck I am getting old for this game. Life can’t get much better than this.

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