I’m dying out here

I have been playing baseball for the fire department team and I am very sore. I am not sure how I got talked into playing but here I am and I am feeling it. I am not as young as these kids and I am not as young as I used to be however we won tonight so I am happy even though I am sore. Today I got to work on my garden, I cut 3 wine barrels in half to make planters and got them set up by the ones I made last year so now I will have double the size of garden. I got my new Canadian passport today 8 days after sending in the application but no word on the Irish one (hurry up you guys). It has been kind of cool so I haven’t had the MG out much I would like to go for a good drive as soon as it is warmer. I had an interesting field trip last friday. A culture trip to a lake called spotted lake where there are natural circles in the lake there were native elders there to teach about the cultural significance of the lake and its healing power, it was very interesting.

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wine of the week:   Riverstone Melbec Rose’,  Riverstone Cab.Franc. both sample bottles donated(thanks Ted) Church and State Meritage , Inniskillin Cab.Sauv. and a little leftover Quinta Ferreira Syrah. They were all great and we still have a little of the Cab Franc left for later in the week. On the near horizon is a bottle of Fairview Cellers, Bear from 2005 it is a meritage blend with a little more Cab. Sauv. It is being saved for the weekend. I have a couple of special bottles that I am planning for the may long weekend also there are some sparkling wines that need to be opened I may try sabering one after watching the video from the “drunken cyclist” check his blog to see how the pros do it.

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One Response to I’m dying out here

  1. Anonymous says:

    Let me know how the BEAR was if it was good then I will open mine!!!

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