wine cellar reorganization

I have been planning this for quite some time and today I finally got around to it. I reorganized my wine cellar and put all the wines into categories so now the Merlots are to gether the Meritages are on two shelves and so on I also put tags on all the special wine that is not for everyday use. I have a number of signed bottles and some that were the first bottle of that vintage sold and some that are limited editions. While I was sorting everything out I made up a book with all the wine listed now all I have to do is to remember to add and delete the wines as they come and go mostly they go. My cellar is not really a “cellar it is an insulated closet in the basement and at the present time I am down to about 160 bottles 40 of which are what I consider my collectors. I still have to list the whites in my book. we don’t drink a lot of whites and often use them for cooking I also have a couple of cases that are not opened so the total is over 200 but I still have room for some that are for everyday use and now is the time when we have to stock up. Spring is the release of a lot of reds that we want to pick up. After all that hard work I ended up with a bottle of Cabernet Blanc that I didn’t have a category for so that is what I am having tonight after the first try I put it in the fridge to cool off a little more. After all my work I was surprised at the amount of some varieties and the lack of others now I can go shopping with a purpose.

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