Happy New Month

We have had a fantastic Spring Break. I didn’t get as much accomplished in the yard as I had planned but I did get some things done and the things that didn’t get done are still there and I will get to them when I can. I got the Motorhome all cleaned up and I sanitized the water system and replaced the taps in the bathroom. I took the MG out on several trips and on Sunday we took it for a small wine tour of 3 wineries. Our first stop was at Jackson Triggs where we picked up a bottle of Cab. Sauv.Siraz, Viognier, this is going to be really good for a big meal. We also got a bottle of sparkling Chardonnay called Entourage which we will save for some special occasion. Then we were off to Riverstone where we got a bottle of Melbec Rose’, this one we took home to have later in the afternoon with some Brie and antipasti with fresh baked bread there were 4 of us and we really could have used 2 bottles it was so good. Our next stop was to Inniskillin where we purchased a bottle of Pinot Noir and a bottle of Meritage both from their Dark Horse vineyard. This was a really great end to a beautiful day. The weather the past 2 weeks has been so good I hope that it continues into the summer. We had quite a few backyard campfires in out fireplace and have had a relaxing break but now it is time to get back to work. I am also looking at some wineries to work at this summer I really enjoy working in the wine industry and am looking forward to getting back to serving wine.

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