spring break projects

The weather isn’t great but I have started on some of my projects. I like to make lists and then I try to cross things off my lists. Some things seem to stay on the list for a long time and keep falling to the bottom of the list. I have a list of things I want to do while I am on my spring break I know that there are some things that are on the list that are not going to get done because the weather is just not warm enough. Most of my projects are for the back yard, my plan is to expand my vegetable container garden and redo the irrigation for the garden. Where my garden is I want to plant a hedge probably cedar, I can’t think of what else will grow fast, is relatively cheep, and gives year round privacy the only drawback is that cedars like water. That part of the project will have to wait for warmer temperatures  in the meanwhile I am moving the barrels that are the containers for my garden the next phase will be to put down landscaping fabric and cover it with bark and the put in more barrels. Another project that is happening at the same time is changing the location of the pathway at the back of the deck to the parking lot. in the middle of these I decided that the compost box I had just put on the south side of the yard would work better on the north side I am not sure I can move it by myself so will have to wait till I can get helpers. There are parts of each of these projects that require a truck so I need to cordinate with the truck driver as to when I can use her truck. I need to pick up some more barrels, get a load of crushed shale for the path, a couple of loads of bark mulch. I will get everything ready then get the truck for a couple of days. I think I will start with the barrels then the bark mulch and finally the gravel. I will have to cut the barrels in half once I get them home I may have to get some dirt for them as well, another truck trip.  I am also moving things around on the deck, it is a yearly event it looks like we will have twice as many planters on the deck and twice as big a garden. here is the progress so far with the path.

008 you can see the new planters and where the path is coming from the parking lot and where the stepping-stones used to be. On the left of the path will be filled with bark mulch and the path will be crush the stepping-stones are just sitting there for now but will get placed in the crush when it arrives later.

004 this is where the garden will be expanded

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One Response to spring break projects

  1. Charlotte Boychuk says:

    Laurel (Bay?) makes a great fast-growing privacy hedge – winter hardy in your area, i think. Check out the garden centres in your area to see if they recommend it.

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