Quick up date

I had a couple of trips to Penticton today first to take Saige up  to get ready to sing in a competition and the second trip was to hear the last part of her competition. She did great! There was other news as well but it was not as important to anyone but me I got a call from Riverstone winery, do you want to work in our wine shop this summer? Well is the Pope going to be Catholic? The answer is yes I want to work there . I was thinking I would like to work at Black Hills which is very high class but this will be more relaxed and not as corporate as inniskillin last year. I really enjoyed working at Inniskillin so maybe I will be able to fit both in so I have close to full time work. I am very excited about this almost as excited as Saige is about competing in Classic Voice in Halifax this summer. the wine of the day tonight is from Quinta Ferreira Merlot 2007 very smooth at its peak right now .

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