Just another day

I live in a house with two wonderful women, my wife and daughter, there used to be three but the other one has gone to university.It is no wonder I am crazy. There are times when it would be nice to have a day or evening when there are no additional people in my life or at least in my house. That was the way I felt this week and finally Wednesday was the day and it was very quiet and relaxing. Saige was gone to her ballet  lesson and there was just Deb and me at home getting supper ready, we shared a bottle of wine and just talked. We didn’t even have any music on which is unusual in this house. I enjoy having people around but sometimes it is nice to be on our own it doesn’t happen often. The weather is slowly getting better and it makes me anxious to go camping. The wine of the day was a gift from a friend who has a trucking business and transports grapes for several wineries during harvest and this was a bottle given to him by one of the wineries he works with. He was nice enough to share this bottle with us. Domaine Chaberton cuvee rouge 2010, a nice red blend that is a good mid week wine, good price.

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