Two posts in one

The first part of this post is about the motorhome

This is not a major change but it is something that we wanted to do for a while. We seldom have extra guests so we don’t need a lot of seating area but can always use extra storage and floor space. We decided that I would take the extra chair out and put in a storage thing made of metal the present time it is covered with a woven rug that works well but that may change. when we are stopped we can put the tv on top and it works great for viewing from the couch when traveling the tv gets put behind the passenger seat it fits there perfectly . this gives us more floor space and more convenient storage since the picture was taken we have filled in the rest of the spaces with the cloth bins that fit in each cube this makes it very tidy and easy to get at things.

with the chair in place . you can also see where the tv used to be it is a cupboard now but still needs a moulding which will be installed shortly.

7ee4_4 (2)

after it as been replaced with the cube rack .

001 002

Now the second part.

the wine of the day is a Zinfandel from a small winery here in Oliver it is called Rustico and this Zinfandel is very good. I was looking at pictures I have taken in the past and today I am going to compare with this day last year.

here is today and me looking like I am enjoying my wine ( not really just posing)


then we have Feb28/2012


today was a much better day

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