A not traveling tuesday

usually on Tuesdays I have several trips to make to music lessons unfortunately not for me 🙂 Today was a break  from traveling Saige the musician was not feeling well so no lessons so no traveling. I was just sitting at the table with my morning coffee when my pager went off for a house on fire the call said it was only a couple of blocks away from my home so I called o the radio that I would go directly to the fire. It only took me a minute to arrive and find it was not a house on fire but a pile of prunings at the golf course behind the house and tell the responding firefighters and trucks not to come. It did look like the house was on fire if you saw it from the right angle so the person who called did a good thing. It did take me a while to calm down from the adrenalin rush you get when that kind of call comes in. I had a slight miscalculation today, I was fuelling my bus and went to clean the windshield I stood on the step and reached forward and banged my head on the mirror. I layed down on the ground and cried for a while (not really)but it did hurt and I have another scrape on my head to explain.  Tonight I am just sitting relaxing with a glass of Quinta Ferreira Merlot Cabernet. Tomorrow will be a better day

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