First backyard camp fire wine

Saturday February 23 Our first backyard campfire. We have this really great table that makes into a fire pit for backyard campfires and today was the first time we had a fire this year. It was great weather today the temperature got up to +11 today and at about 4 we decided to have a campfire and roast marshmallows what a great idea so what wine do you have to celebrate the first campfire of the year. Well we went all out and opened a bottle of 2005 Cabernet Merlot from Fairview Cellars . Yes that is two nights in a row for Fairview. but back to this great cab 15% Franc 25% Merlot 60% Cab Sauv. this was a fantastic wine that seems to escape from the glasses very quickly. This was the perfect wine to celebrate the first campfire with. My sweetie had a great idea to have this fire tonight she also picked the wine which was an excellent choice. You have to be really careful when cooking marshmallows in case they fall in your wine.013

enjoying the fire enjoying the wine

002  006 I look like I have had more to drink than I have . just read the hat it tells it all

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1 Response to First backyard camp fire wine

  1. Senor Dakegro says:

    I thought we had pared it off to Smore’s with a Sangiovese!! Darn now we will have to do more research!!!!!!

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