Thanks for waiting

I have been so busy I just didn’t have time to post on my blog. No I just didn’t feel like it and I didn’t have anything that was really blog worthy to tell about. Sometimes our lives just move along in a way that seems to cause no ripples to the universe. I had another meeting for the Fire Department about coming changes to our 911 dispatch system. To the person calling there is no change but to the responding firefighters there are some changes to the way in which we will be communicating to the dispatch center and to each other. This meeting was one of several that we have had that really hasn’t addressed the issues that the Fire Chiefs have. As in the past we will do our best with the tools the politicians give us. It is just frustrating that the end users don’t have much say in the decisions that affect us, the politicians prefer to listen to “Expert consultants” from out of town. Now that I have got that rant out of my system I feel better already. The rest of the week has gone along with not much out of the ordinary. I have had to change the route for my school bus because some of the kids have moved, it gives me a chance to see some new roads and streets. some people will wonder where the bus that always comes by has gone. We had our weekly fire training last night I used the time to update a new wall map of our fire protection area. I had to mark the map with the locations of all the fire hydrants in the rural part of the district not as much fun as putting out fires but an important job that is now almost complete. Maybe tonight will be a movie night with a nice glass of wine.

Wines of the week

Zinfandel,  One from Quinta Ferreira and one from Inniskillin we also had some Riesling from Inniskillin.

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