Friday night Wine

Here it is friday night a relaxing time where I am sitting with people who have said”do not put me in there “. I am having a bottle yes bottle not glass of the finest Pinot noir I have ever had. I have had this before and it is still fantastic. if you wanted a light bright smooth wine this is it . The unfortunate part for poor you is that you can’t get it ( haha). I still have a couple of bottles from the 2 cases that I bought last summer. I am having this incredible wine with some fine cheese”kerrygold dubliner”. this is a hard aged cheese  a product of Ireland slightly sweet. This cheese would probably go better with a darker heavier wine like a Cabernet Franc but it was the cheese we had in the house so that is what we are having . OK enough suspense the wine of the day is “crooked post Pinot Noir ” from Fairview Cellars ,Eagle Bluff estates.  this is a small winery in Oliver In the south Okanagan BC. There are apparently people who were not aware that this is a fantastic wine country. The wines that we are most famous for are our heavy reds like Syrah or Saraz.This wine the Pinot noir is one of the first Pinot Noir that Bill has released and t is just as great as the big red blends he is famous for . If you have never had one of his wines you have to treat yourself to a special experience and try one. For me I will sit back and enjoy what is left of this bottle with a paniai sandwich which just appeared on the table beside me thanks to a special sweetie who doesn’t want to be mentioned.

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