another Manic Monday

Not really in fact it was anything but manic. Just to update from the last few days, what have we been doing, the short answer is nothing,  the long answer is not much. Thursday was a fire training night where I was in charge of reviewing some techniques of auto extrication there was only a small crew so it was very hands on for most of the guys. Friday was just another day nothing interesting happened. On Saturday Deb was working till 1 so I went to the store and got a pork roast to put in the slow cooker to make pulled pork of course when I got it started and had put in the other things that it needed I couldn’t find and garlic so I had to go the store and get some, on the way home  I went to the flea market that has opened in town this is becoming one of my favorite stops Deb wanted to go after she got home from work but by the time she got cleaned up( you can’t go to the flea market in work cloths) and we got there it was closed, that gave us something to look forward to for Sunday. Just as a side note after I bought garlic at the grocery store I found some fresher local organic kind at the flea market. Yes we went to the flea market on sunday, every time I go there I see one stall that all kinds of fishing stuff and I keep thinking I should take up fishing it could be the hobby I have been looking for. one of these times I will ask the man at the fishing stall about fishing I just don’t want to get his hopes up that he is going to have a customer. Really what I should do is set up a table and clean the garage out I could make a pile of money with all the stuff in there and then maybe I could put my car back in the garage. Later Sunday evening we watched a movie”crazy stupid love” funny  and silly. Finally today was actually fairly busy I had a meeting at the fire hall in the morning then came home and cracked a big container of walnuts that we had harvested off the tree last fall, Deb needed walnuts for some baking. After a quick-lunch of pulled pork sandwich from the pork roast I cooked in the slow cooker on saturday I headed back to the fire hall for another meeting and back home in time to sign for a new shipment of wine. Yes folks I get wine shipped direct to my door this shipment was from Red Rooster and included Pinot Blanc, Cabernet Merlot, Meritage. The Cabernet Merlot is a blend of 58% cab.franc27%merlot9%cab.Sauv.6%Melbec. quite a blend.the Meritage is also a blend of 39%Merlot,33%cabSauv.22%Cab Franc6%Petit Verdot, another great blend that I think I will keep for a while before drinking. I was going to have some but Deb suggested a Zinfandel from Inniskillin and we are enjoying it right now. Supper tonight is going to be a fresh made salad,meat balls,with homemade bbq sauce and home-made oven fries. on that cheery note that is all I have for you today. sorry no pictures today.

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