Weekend Report

Today in BC where I live it is a holiday “Family Day” I am at home with nothing special to do because Deb is at work, she is a contract worker so she works when there is work and doesn’t get holidays like the rest of us. The second reason I don’t have anything to do is that she didn’t leave a list of jobs and I don’t know what she would like me to do. Before I get to the weekend here is a picture from Friday’s ski trip.


Here is a review of my weekend. Saturday from 9:30 till 2:30 I spent in a meeting reviewing the new fire dispatch system that we are being given the consultants and the politicians were there and told us what is best for us. Personally I would like a simpler system that covered our area. This system is going to be dispatching about 20 different fire departments over an area of about 100 miles and they want to expand more.  What ever the system is the fire departments will do their best to do as good a job as we can. That was my entire day pretty much a waste of my time, don’t ask me to come to a meeting and give my imput if you have already made your decision. I had that happen to me on personal matter on a totally different subject and circumstance last year and I was just as upset. There are some things that really annoy me and this is up close to the top of the list. Thankfully I had Deb at home to help me relax with some fine wine, Nk’mip  (inkameep) (inkaneep) cellars 2008 Mer’riym. This is a meritage blend 54% cab. Sav. 35%  Merlot 7% melbec 2% cab.franc 2% petit verdot. The name is from the Okanagan language and means Marriage, the name of the winery comes from the Okanagan language which was not a written language so there are variations to the spelling. this is a very nice wine one of their highlight wines. In the evening I got to watch one of my favorite movies ” Stardust” it was a relaxing way to end a frustrating day. Sunday was a day spent doing nothing. Deb took Saige to Penticton to do some shopping and I stayed home to guard the town. We had some home-made Quesidillas for supper with a bottle of wine that was a gift, it was a bottle of Merlot from “Horse Heaven Hills” by Columbia Crest. I was told by a real expert that this was a very good wine one of his favorites but it didn’t live up to the hype. We drank some but there were some other wines around that we hadn’t finished that we like better. We just really like the wines that Mike makes at Quinta Ferreira and of course Bill’s from Fairview it is just that we can’t afford Bill’s every day.

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One Response to Weekend Report

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Meritage Blend” what is that, must be some kind of wine not known to common folk. Horse Haven Hills. Don’t see anything about horse blankets or unfiltered water. Don’t see an abject apology that was promised. I am crushed and saddened.

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