The lost thursday

I had intended to post yesterday but by the time I got home from a meeting at the fire dept.  I was too tired . I finally did what I was thinking about for almost a year I got all the papers together and the money and sent away my application for my Irish Passport I hope everything is in order. They say it could take up to 10 weeks or more if I was getting my Canadian passport I could get it in 10 days things are slower in Ireland or maybe they are more thorough in their checking. I had to do a lot of running around to get last-minute things for the application, certified copy of my Canadian passport and drivers licence and another picture ID and some official mail to prove my address which was almost the hardest because the town changed everyone’s address and they don’t even send out their mail to the new address. I already had my fathers birth, marriage, and death certificates and my own birth certificate plus a big cheque. It all went in a package from the post office that requires a signature so I know it was delivered.

Today was a ski day so I spent the day on the ski hill watching people ski and wishing I was it was a beautiful day with fresh snow and a clear blue sky the drive up and back was uneventful and after work a friend dropped by for a glass of wine we had some Alagria from Quinta Ferreira and then switched to their Melbec Both were very good now for a restfull evening.


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