Wacky Wednesday

It is just a catchy title. I had this all done and I thought it went on the blog last night but it is not there this morning so I am going to try to remember what I wrote last night. There wasn’t much going on today. I had an appointment with my Dr. today, He told me I am going to die. Probably not any time soon but eventually apparently we all do and here I thought I was going to live forever. I am still working on the living forever part. The weather has turned warm so I went out and took down my inflatable christmas things and got them sort of dried off and put away. The warm weather is chasing the leftover snow away pretty fast but it is now starting to get muddy. The warm weather makes me want to get out and do some yard work but it is not quite time yet. Here is a look back at February 6/2010 we are not ready for this yet

013  019

We had a nice supper Deb made her style of Chinese noodles with pork and vegetables. We had a very nice Merlot Cabernet from Quinta Ferreira. we had it before during and after our dinner

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