It keeps happening

I have to get out of this pattern it is like a mad circle a round and round I can’t get off. Here I am posting about yesterday that I was supposed to do last night and I have no excuse this time . Yesterday was another one of those hurry and wait days. After my morning bus run I had to take Saige to Keledian so her “dad” could take her to Kelowna it was too far for him to come down here to pick her up. I work hard at keeping from having bad attitude towards him but it is hard work when his involvement is on his terms when it is convenient for him and I suppose there is an element of jealousy that he gets to be called “dad” . Saige had her piano exam and both Deb and I were working and we can’t really afford to take time off and it is the first time that one or the other of us hasn’t taken her. After that rushed trip it was nothing much to do.I had a call to go to the bus and figure out how many miles to the gallon it gets so they could estimate expenses for a field trip this spring, then an afternoon field trip to the library and the regular afternoon bus trip. The evening was very quiet and the wine of the day was still 2009 Merlot from Fairview Cellars.

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