A busy saturday

I actually am posting today’s events today. This morning I was at a regional fire chief’s meeting where we again discussed the problems we had at Christmas time with our dispatch radios. Our job now is to talk to our regional representatives about increasing the amount of money they are going to spend on upgrades to the radio system to get what we think is the best system. After the official meeting we all went for lunch where we had a chance to talk to each other about various problems we have and each others solutions. Sometimes these unofficial meetings are even more beneficial than the official meeting. I think we are getting closer to a really good system with a workable backup system. When I got home there was a quick grocery run and then home in time for the arrival of a group of young ladies who were all in the play and are here for a “sleep over” the first order of business was to watch the video of the musical they were all in. There was lots of laughing and singing and screaming.  So much for my quiet evening at home. I will be opening a bottle of (Champaign)Sparkling wine for them as soon as they finish supper and I will continue with my Merlot.

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