The thursday report

Here it is friday and I am writing Thursday’s blog. Really the day was not that busy and I should have had this done yesterday. Our wine of the day thursday was a very nice 2009 Merlot from Fairview cellars. It is interesting that we really enjoyed the wine more without food than we did while we were eating supper. We enjoyed relaxing with this wine in the early evening before supper and getting caught up with each others day. I had fire practice last night and as well as getting a couple of administrative things done I helped out with the training program. We were doing a training practice on how to do a building search,there were a couple of things that I was able to point on how to do the search. By the time I got home I was just tired and didn’t get the blog done till now .

My theme for this week was : no matter how long you live life is too short so you need to live your life now as best you can. I am trying to do that, living my life not just existing, so far it is working well. It is important that at some point and to some degree we recognise and accept who we are. Accepting who we are doesn’t mean we are totally satisfied with who we are or that we don’t want to change or do things better. It is a realization that we are unique individuals that should not be compared to someone else. Some days I think who will I be today? I am always me but some days my appearance is different, it is just how I feel that day. The important thing is that we try to have a positive outlook, like the expression says “it came to pass, not to stay ” things can get better if you want them to and work to make them better. This weekend go out and do something, have some fun do something you haven’t done before. live your life

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