Wine heros

I had an interesting day today It started off with my usual bus trip then I had to give a tour of the fire hall to a group of preschool kids and parents and I have to do the same tomorrow and Wednesday. After the tour I spent some time with my son Keven we hung out together at the fire hall and had coffee and played some pool and just had a great father /son time. We spent some time talking about our attempts at drawing and what kinds of things we were trying to draw. This afternoon I came across a couple of videos thanks to a link on a blog that someone has that read mine,(complicated) read it slowly. anyway here are a couple of advertising videos that I think are absolutely great I wish our wine area would do one of these. this is my new hero

the evening ended with me going out to a chimney fire moments before supper went on the table:( another great meal missed, it is not quite the same microwaved 2 hours later. I guess that is why I got the medal .

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