My Big Award

Last night the fire dept. had our annual awards night. I had lots of awards to hand out to members who had served for 5,10,and 15 years we also gave out some fun awards to people who had made mistakes throughout the year. We had a special muffin award for one of the wives who always brings us muffins when we are at a fire call. I have been in the fire dept. for 20 years and have spent the last 5 as Deputy Chief,  last week I was appointed for another term. My award was from the Governor General of Canada for exemplary service. I received a certificate and a medal and also a 20 year pin from the Department. I was very pleased to receive the award.


throughout the night we gave out door prizes to the members and their spouses every couple went home with 2 prizes, as well we gave each of the ladies a special bottle of wine. The food was great,catered by a local restaurant and after the food there was a dance. This was one of the best awards nights we have had for a very long time and certainly the one with the best prizes which were donated by local businesses. the prizes ranged from a pressure washer, chain saw, generator, heated jacket, stays at hotels, gift certificates for restaurants, golf courses, gasoline,and spas, and of course lots of gift baskets of wine because we live in the wine capital of Canada. I really think everyone went home happy.

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