The sun sets on another day

It is way past a new day dawns so I am thinking it is sun setting time but the sun set hours ago. I was up before the sun and out trudging through the snow in the dark to drive the bus then home for brunch then over for a visit with my son (love the guy) then back to school to take the kids for a basket ball game and back just in time to take them home . this evening was just a nice quiet relaxing with a glass of wine time. The name says it all “life in the slow lane” nothing high-powered and fast paced here just plugging along enjoying life with out the hassles. while I was out today I picked up a fine pair of reading glasses for $1.25. Now this is really great because for more than 30 years I wore glasses all the time untill last year when I went to an eye doctor who said why are you wearing those glasses that are basically just glass you only need glasses to read. It has been great to not have to wear glasses there are a lot of times that I don’t even use the glasses to read except for small print. rule #1 life isn’t fair. It was a great day finished off with a phone call from son #1 telling me I had just won a free cruise and if I would send  40,000 handling fee he would send the tickets, I am so lucky to have such great kids.

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