take a small step

My theme for this week is if in doubt take a small step forward. Sometimes we get stalled and are not sure what we should do next well just take a small step hopefully forward but sometimes even sideways helps. Today was a much better day than yesterday although it didn’t seem that way when I woke up alone this morning wondering how my sweety had escaped.Today was my first day back to work it was supposed to be yesterday but that day was taken up with frustration so when I woke up it was to hear Deb getting ready to go to work she was ready to leave just as my alarm went off. I walked through the snow to work this morning and it was still dark and very quiet but I was so busy figuring out where I was going after 3 weeks off that I forgot to think. My morning walk is when I usually think about and pray for each person in our family it helps me get in focus for the day a sort of meditation. I have a ring of beads and shells one for each person and as I hold each I think about that person and what I would like for them. After my morning trip I had a trip to the library and then my walk home for lunch and then it was time to take Saige up for her music lessons and return for my afternoon bus trip then home for a glass of the wine of the day “Obra Prima” from Quinta Ferreira a very nice red blend, 002

I even used my new Christmas present aerator. A quick snack for supper and back to Penticton to pick up Saige from her lessons. here are some  interesting  thoughts.


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