A quiet Sunday afternoon

That is what we had here not much going on. We got up and had a great breakfast together then just sort of poked around getting the house cleaned up and took the Christmas tree down and I took it to the recycle spot. then we tried the furniture in all the different places that we could before putting it back where we started. Of course in the process of getting the tree out the front door I broke the hinge for the screen/storm door so I have another project to do. We have been wanting a new front door and keep putting it off maybe when the weather gets a bit better I will get serious and get one put on we really need it the old one is really crappy. We are both getting ready to head back to work tomorrow Deb got the call yesterday to come and start pruning tomorrow and my regular bus run starts back tomorrow so it will be back to the regular routine for both ou us. We had a very nice supper tonight with a baked spiral cut ham very delicious with scalloped potatoes so lots of stuff for lunches this week. I have a couple of trips this week so that will bring in a little extra which is good we also have our annual Fire awards coming next Saturday looking forward to that. The weather has been very interesting this winter, it started snowing in mid December and we have had snow off and on since then the unusual part is that the snow has all stayed usually it goes away and we have some time with no snow on the ground but this year it is almost a month of white. apparently the ski hill has more than they have ever had at this time of year. I will be driving the bus up on friday so I hope the road is in good shape. 7:30 too early for bed I need to find something productive to do.

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