January 1st is done

The first day of the new year is almost complete and it was a day of work. last night we stayed up and watched a movie,went to bed about 1 and got up this morning by 8. the rest of the day was spent repairing the”other house” installed the washer and a bathroom light Deb painted a bathroom I cleaned a shower put up a mirror brought home a truckload of tools. We are winding this project down. This evening Deb and I sat in the hot tub and had a glass of wine each, this is the first time we have done this since summer when we shut the hot tub off for the season now it is time to use it again.

my thought for this week is; “life isn’t fair but it is better than the alternative”. the other night we watched the old movie “it’s a wonderful life” we watch it every Christmas I thought while I watched it that I am a lot like that. I have given up a lot of my hopes and dreams for the needs of others, someday it will be my turn. So back to my thought “life isn’t fair “ no it isn’t so get used to it and deal with it and live the life you have and make it the best that you can. What would I have liked to have been doing today, probably Skiing or enjoying the outside, but there was a job that had to be done and now it is done. Next week the school will have a ski trip and I will be able to go up the mountain I may not ski but I will be there and enjoy my time maybe I will try snowshoeing again. that is something for another post. Life may not always be fait but mine is good anyway.

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