Last post of the year

Here we are on the last day of the year I have a cold and feel crappy. I have Been sick for a week and am just starting to get better. we have been working on the other house and today is the last day to work there I have baseboards to put in one bedroom and Deb has to paint the bathroom we still need to get a bathroom mirror the one we got didn’t look right. I wanted to post a list of some of the highlights and lowlights of the year but I just don’t have the energy I am forcing myself to post this much. I think that was one of the disappointments of the year  that I didn’t post as often as I wanted. I will try harder next year. I hope the coming year is great for my reader.

some quick stats from this year

94 posts,with 211 pictures, I know I can do better
for a total of 345 posts since I started this blog
2100 views this year I know you can do better ,invite your friends
the busiest day was Sept.17 with 150 views (someones finger got stuck)
I had visitors from 47 countries, Welcome
a total of 5073 visits since we started

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