Christmas Eve / Christmas Day

I hope that everyone has a great Christmas. This is a time for happy thoughts. It is Christmas morning there are some snowflakes falling to join the snow we already have on the ground making this a very  Christmassy day. The house is filled with flowers thanks to Saige who has shared all the flowers she got from starring in the show we are running out of vases to put them in and have resorted to jars for some.

001  003

Christmas Eve is the time we get really busy, during the day we got into the present buying mode and spent a good part of the day shopping then home to start wrapping the gifts before family started to arrive to open them. We had a great time playing with Rob and Melisa’s  kids when they came to get some gifts we also enjoyed the visit with Darin, it was a good start to the evening. After a quiet and quick super the girls came home and took over some of the present wrapping while they watched old Christmas movies ,it is part of the tradition along with wrapping gifts after midnight. I know that some people open their gifts Christmas eve but we have to wait till Christmas morning because we don’t have them wrapped until some of us are gone to bed.  We are going to have a turkey dinner later this evening. We are not sure who or how many are going to be there it seems to fluctuate however we are expecting it to be an enjoyable time.  the tree is all decorated the gifts are wrapped and waiting under the tree soon it will be time to open them up and share our love for each other . 007 

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas

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