Getting closer to Christmas

It is  getting closer and it is looking a lot more festive. I got all my outside decorations and lights done and just in time for the first real snowfall so it is starting to look a lot like Christmas. I know the snow is not as deep as some places but it is enough for here.


A follow-up on my story about the Christmas decorations of my childhood. The first Christmas after my brother got married (many years ago) my mother gave him one of those funny Santas that had decorated our tree when I was little. He kept it till now and after reading the story mailed it to me as an early Christmas present, what a great brother . Really I have always admired him and tried to be like him but it didn’t work out so I have to settle on just being me. I have been busy repairing our other house getting it ready for some one who will take care of it. I got the motorhome all winterized but got busy working on the house and didn’t get the cover on it before the snow came hopefully this snow will go away before more comes so I can get it covered. In the midst of everything else I want to go this week to get a Christmas tree and get it up before the weekend. The last few years we have gotten really great trees that we cut ourselves so they were nice and fresh and hope to do the same this year. Friday we went to a Christmas party our first of the year then Saturday I went to Penticton to buy a new sink fro the other house while I was there I got a jacket for myself a blue blazer so I can dress up for some parties. Then I was off to Red Rooster winery for a wine release party with some great fresh food. On Sunday the Fire Dept. had our annual kids Christmas party. We had a great turnout with a load of kids our next event will be the Christmas Fire Truck, that will start next week I still have mixed feelings about the Elf it may be time to retire that persona we will have to see.

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