A brothers love

I have never questioned my brothers love for me I know there were many times when he would have liked to be hiding in a barn throwing eggs at chickens instead of looking after his little brother . My dear brother has shown his love for me in so many ways. It was my brother with his love for me who taught me that the person on the top bunk can allow spit to drop to the lower bunk but the person on the bottom no mater how much they are encouraged can not get spit up to the top bunk. It was my brothers way of showing his love for me that he gave me the old miners helmet without the liner before he hit me on the head with the hammer what a great guy. I remember how he loved me so much that he put a tire on top of me before he put the board on me and rode his bike over me. It was his love for me that caused him to remind me to keep my hands in just before he pushed me in my wagon into the fire. Now I have unfortunately learned that the only Christmas gift I remember was to both of us and it was not just Indians but also cowboys and that I got the Indians and he got the cowboys and you know how  that slaughter ended. It is just no wonder I have had to spend my fortune on therapy and am now almost penniless. What will I do next year now that there are no more pennies.

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One Response to A brothers love

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dearest Brother
    All will soon be forgiven and Joy will rain supreme in your humble penniless abode. I regret what I will not be there to witness your elation as I will be heading for warmer climes. You can email the details of your Joyful Celebration. You may even open a bottle of Cowboy Red to celebrate.
    Your Loving Brother

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