new month new post

Yes I know and have been repeatedly reminded that my goal for the year was to post every day well that goal was missed after the first week but I try to post as often as I can think of something I am willing to share. there are sometimes things that I write in my private journal that don’t make it to here I realize that sounds amazing but there are actually things that I don’t want to share with my faithful reader.

Here we go: the town had its annual Christmas light up last night and I got to drive the old fire truck hauling santa and a bunch of groupies  around town for a couple of hours, lots of fun then went to the community park for fireworks (nicely done) . Earlier in the day I had put some new lights in the tree in front of the house however it really needs another string maybe next week I think that tomorrow I may get motivated to put out the inflatable christmas ornaments in the front yard. Last month the fire department joined the “movember” movement and a large number of members grew mustaches I succumbed to the peer pressure and grew a mustache. I am not sure just how long I will keep it before it comes off.

We are at the start of the Christmas season and as I have posted several things on my Facebook page about  I like “Christmas”  I don’t want winter wishes or holiday greetings  I want Merry Christmas. There are some people who are so afraid of being politically incorrect that they are politically incorrect. It is Christmas if you don’t like it, don’t celebrate it ,but don’t criticise me for celebrating Christmas. I love to have a Christmas tree and decorate it I have a Santa in my front yard, I give and (above all ) hope to get Christmas presents I love Christmas parties,  Christmas concerts, Christmas cards ( I got my first Christmas card of the year today) and Christmas carols. I feel sorry for those who are so up tight that they can’t enjoy the Christmas season because it says Christmas they need to get over themselves. There are wars all over the place, there are disasters ,there are starving people, homeless people, orphans, dogs without homes, salmon dieing from sea lice and all they can worry about is that we shouldn’t call this Christmas. If I was Irish I would say Bugger off! Hey I am Irish so bugger off and let us enjoy our Christmas

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