Two Years ago

Actually it was two years ago last night that my mother died. Times goes by. She was 106 years old when she died and as far as I know she had a pretty good life and did most of the things she wanted to do except to live forever. There is nothing significant that I wanted to post about this other than: if you really want to do something, do it while you can enjoy doing it. If you have something you want to tell others or do for others do it while they are alive. When you think about people’s lives I hope you can look back and remember that you said and did the things for that person when they were there to appreciate it. I Look back at the funeral of my mother and remember that the things we said and the things we said at home afterward were things we had said to her. I am working at having as good a life as I think she had. She didn’t always have as much money as some people but she always went places and did things that she enjoyed. I still have some unfinished plans. Remember you are only old when you have more memories than plans, I don’t think she ever got old  she always had plans of the things she was going to do.

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